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Domestic Cleaning Maida Vale

domestic_cleaning If you want to rest for a while from your housework, you can rely on our domestic cleaners who are at your disposal in Maida Vale to do it. They will provide the necessary cleaning and housekeeping tasks that you require in your home. Whether you need help with the ironing, laundry, throwing of the rubbish-bins or cleaning of your rooms, we can help you. Our domestic cleaners will ensure the hygienic atmosphere in your home by providing the housekeeping and cleaning work which needs to be done.

Domestic Cleaning Services Maida ValePrices
Regular Cleaning£16 £14
One Off Cleaning £18 £16
Spring Cleaning £20 £18
Bathroom Cleaning £20 £18
Deep Cleaning £20 £18

Skilful and Experienced Domestic Cleaners in Maida Vale

You can use the professional help of our domestic cleaners for:

  • Sanitizing every room in your house and flat
  • Doing the ironing and laundry
  • Sweeping and mopping the floors
  • Throwing the garbage and disinfecting the bins
  • Tidying the rooms
  • Washing the dishes
  • Cleaning the furniture, electric appliances, cooking devices
  • Disinfecting the bathroom and toilet

Thorough Domestic Cleaners in Maida Vale

We can provide thorough cleaning, tidying and sanitizing of the rooms in your home. Our domestic cleaners will do the tasks which you need and pay more attention to the rooms and areas that require better cleaning.

domestic_cleaning1 They will sweep the floors, mop and wipe them, polish the dirt and grease from the cooking appliances, vacuum clean the carpets. Use our professional help to maintain your house and flat perfectly clean and hygienic. Our domestic cleaners use safe for the environment cleaning products, the necessary cleaning machines and tools. They will sanitize the living areas, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, bedrooms and hallway in your home. You can use the professional help of our hard-working domestic cleaners who work in the region of Maida Vale.

The domestic cleaners who work for us are fully insured, qualified and have the necessary relevant experience. They can provide one off and regular cleaning sessions, coming at a suitable day and time once a day or week, fortnightly or monthly. Call us and schedule the cleaning which you need and it will be implemented in a preferred time. We will send any of our domestic cleaners who work in Maida Vale straight to your address.